"Oh my~!"

~Truth or Dare Thursday~

~Truth or Dare Thursday~

~Truth or Dare Thursday~

whiteflowerbythewaterside sent: (( Because I take forever, I posted your question! finally. Sorry that took so long, muse issues and laziness don't combine well. ))

(( It’s alright~ <3 I know how you feel! D: I’ve been floating by with Lily lately, but it helps seeing the other RF:ToD characters posting away. c: I honestly don’t mind late replies, so no worries! ))

~Truth of Dare Thursday~


But you sneezed~ And you are acting quite strange today… -Pouts and tilts her head.- I’m sure this milkshake will help you feel better, mister! (( Challenge Accepted. One of these days… Lily will get him to take cold medicine. >____> ))

I don’t have a cold, I’m not sick! One sneeze doesn’t mean I’m sick. It’s just like, a tickle in my nose, or something. <gulps> Besides, it’d probably make me feel worse…

Strange? <furrows brow> I’m acting like I always do, aren’t I?

-Folds her arms across her chest and stares at him.- Well, I’ll believe it if Violet says you’re fine~ But if you sneeze again…

-Sighs and shakes her head.- You don’t always seem to happy, y’know~ Did something special happen?

Necklace & bracelet

So I just finished the accessory I promised. I don’t know how it turned, if you don’t like I can always make other. Well, there you have. -giggles a little nervous- 

raining-violet-petals-deactivat sent: Oh, there you are! *hugs her tight* I found the emery flower you left! How'd you get one? Oh, thank you Lily, I love it!

-Softly pats her sister’s head after giving her a hug.- Oh, I’m glad you loved it~! I managed to convince James a while back to bring me back that flower if he ever came across one during his travels~

(Sorry for late reply! >.< My job takes up most of my time. :’D)

raining-violet-petals-deactivat sent: Lily! Lily! Where are you? *frowns* Not in her room... I'll check the bar...

-Walking upstairs.- Huh? -Stops and glances around after hearing her name.- Oh my, is something wrong Violet?

white-winter-flower-deactivated sent: -takes the toyherb- Oh.. Thank you, you didn't have to -smiles a little blushed- Maybe I can make you an accessory If you like.-closes her eyes and smiles proud- Just tell what type you like and leave the rest to me.

-Clasps her hands together and swings them upwards to rest her cheek against her fingers.- You’re welcome dear~♥ An accessory? Hmmm… -Thinking for a moment before nodding her head.- How about a necklace or bracelet~?

Anonymous sent: would you ever consider working at a restaurant called "hooters"? [shows her a picture of the waitresses] this is their waitresses in uniform.

…Um… -Blushing like crazy!- No thank you… I—I think I need to lose weight before I can fit into something like that… Oh my… I wouldn’t feel comfortable serving food in that uniform either. What if I tripped and threw the food into a customer’s face? I’d be so embarrassed… More than usual!